Welcome to the world of Asian Cosmetics

Eastern Asians, particularly Korean and Japanese people, are well known for their immaculate skin texture and their flawless appearance. Let us focus on Asian cosmetics, which are often more advanced than what we are used to here in Europe.

More varied and diverse products
When it comes to cosmetics, Koreans and Japanese, unlike most Europeans, are not content with only using color cosmetics: blush, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, etc. Their products are more diverse and they use all kinds of masks, beauty care products, creams, and patches that can be used on every part of the body.

Highly concentrated formulas
The secret of these Asian products is their very concentrated formulas which provide greater efficiency. Although some people fear products with a high concentration of active ingredients, compared to those we have found in other markets, it should be noted that they are mostly composed of natural ingredients from traditional Asian medicine, and in accordance with the European importation standards.

Importation to Europe
These highly concentrated formulas evoke mixed reactions. They are very attractive to those who expect fast, visible results, while dubious to others who feel that such high concentrations are too aggressive for Caucasian skin. Despite some people’s hesitations, Asian products are well integrated into the current European market, with the core product being the BB Cream, developed by numerous European and American brands. Cosmetics shops all over the world also rank Asian brands among their best products, with brands such as Shiseido, Ménard or Sensai.

There are some major Korean store names on the Internet, with very attractive, elaborate, and colorful packaging. Among them: Skin Food, Face Shop, Etude House, Holika Holika…

Traditional Chinese medicine
Traditional Chinese medicine is a method based on very ancient knowledge and traditions, which are still used today. It aims to understand the human being as a whole, on a physiological, psychological, and anatomical level. It also attempts to explain the origins of illnesses, and the symptoms that they cause.

Although it is said to have existed in China for several millennia, it only appeared in Asia a few decades ago. Based on thousand of years of tradition, this medicine is very revered, as it brings some credible explanations to certain health problems and also brings efficient results, notably for pain.

The most famous method of this traditional medicine is acupuncture, consisting of using thin needles on the body to release tension. However, there are other methods that can be used such as external manipulations with massage with vegetal and animal products, still rarely used in Europe due to legal norms and reliability problems. There are also internal exercises, using breathing and relaxation techniques, or external ones, with traditional movements such as Tai Qi Chuan or Qi Gong.

The layering ritual
Considered to be THE ultimate beauty secret, this ritual consists of the application of several layers on the skin in order to make it even more perfect, or paler. How do we do that?

While some products overshoot the market with their multifunctional aspect, such as the well-known BB Cream, the layering aims to go back to the beauty’s origin.
     > First, makeup is removed. This is an essential step, and is done with an oil rather than a milk, as it
     is more efficient.
     > Second, a cleaning gel is used in order to get rid of all remaining impurities.
     > Third, lotion is applied to refine the makeup removal and give the skin a soft glow.
     > After this, a serum is essential as it penetrates faster than the hydrating cream and deeply
     hydrates the skin.
     > Fifth, the eye is contoured. As the skin under the eyes is far finer that elsewhere, a gel or cream
     eye contour care product is used in order to protect it from dark rings and shadows.
     > Last but not least, a hydrating cream. To perfect the ritual, this step protects the skin from external
     aggressions such as UV or pollution.

Therefore girls, it might look hard to follow the Asian traditional moves and cosmetics rituals, but don’t worry, the result is worth it!