Makeup trends

The spring/summer season is often the occasion to pull out vivid colors, and this year is no exception!

The CC Cream

This is an « it » product this year, after the BB Cream boom: the CC Cream promises a natural and glowing complexion. In France CC Cream is considered a complementary product in addition to other complexion enhancing cosmetics, although it can be used by itself. In Asia, the trend has diversified and become more sophisticated in its formulation and application.


This year, pink can be worn in every shade and every texture, and be applied on the cheeks as well as on the lips, or even the eyes. It can be found in almost all the major brand collections. The only risk is heavy deposit on the skin due to poor application.


The pearlescence trend is everywhere this year. It is perfect to light up the face after the dull winter effect, and is developed in different forms : eyeshadow, blush, and even lipstick – although the latter remains hard to wear.

Primary colours

Blue, red and yellow are prominent this year in a variety of shades. It is important to remember not to mix them. Perfect for emphasizing the eyes colors, they can also be worn more easily in discreet shades.

The eyes

Several trends appear this year concerning the eye makeup. Having been noticed in several fashion shows, the reverse smoky consists of applying black underneath the eyes instead of above, on the eyelid. This technique should be avoided for the those who have visible dark circles around the eyes.
Finally, white eyeshadow is coming back this year. To be applied in small dots on the inside of the eye or in the middle of the eyelid, it gives a metallic effect and can be complimentary in combination with other colors.

Don’t’ be bashful, use colors again!