Sea Sun and Protection!

Going for to the sea side or skiing? Every year we face the seasonal dilemma between a nice suntan and a good skin protection. Can we get a nice skin color while preventing sunburns and other UV damages? Here is some piece of advice about solar protection for your next trip under the sun!

Protection is essential

Although the sun is known to have positive effects, such as heat, vitamin D synthesis, good mood and a tanned complexion, it can also cause damages to our skin if we do not protect it. The consequences can be more or less serious, from sunburns to skin cancers. It is therefore essential to protect our skin properly.

Different protections for different skins

Having all different types skin, we cannot use the same products to protect it. There are four types of skins, also known as phototypes, from I to IV. Each phototype corresponds to a certain degree of protection in solar products. It is therefore very important to know your skin type in order to be able to protect it efficiently, as explained in the following part.

Shopping list

Besides the well-known rules concerning solar protection – do not expose yourself between noon till 4.00 PM. Apply sunscreen every two hours, and after bathing. Do not use the products from the past year as the protective activity may have degraded… – there are other things to consider when buying sunproducts. The sun protection factor of the product has to match your skin type.

There are four categories of products for the four phototypes:

    • low protection for phototype IV: resistant skins, tanned without getting sunburn. These skins can be protected with the Clinique solar cream 25 for example.

    • standard protection for phototype III: light skins getting tanned progressively, with possible sunburns. L’Oréal and Nuxe products are perfect for this phototype as they protect (SPF 30) the skin and also ease the tanning process.

    • high protection for phototypes I or II: very light and pale skins, sunburn without getting tanned or very softly. The Eau Thermale Avène solar protections are very efficient on these types of skins, as well as the Mixa cream 50.

    • very high protection for phototypes I or children, pregnant women or light-sensitive skins. Products from the brand Biafine can be used and prevent from sunburns.

Concerning the texture, a fluid cream is better for the face, whereas milks, lotions and sprays are more useful for the body. Oils are to be avoided, as their texture makes their protection less efficient.