Which cosmetic product for what age?

It is often difficult to choose the right cream or cosmetic product that will correspond to the needs of your skin. A better understanding of the main evolution of your skin upon time will help you to make a better decision between all the moisturizing cream, the anti-aging complexes, and the overwhelming number of the products on the shelves.

20-30: The first sign of aging
Skin is exposed to external aggressions daily: UV, ozone, stress… All leading to over-sensitizing the skin with increased risks of irritation and developing chronic conditions such as rosacea. With fast high stress lifestyles leading to lack of sleep and fatigue, dark circles and puffiness can be a natural result.
Combining these external factors, skin ages, dehydration and fine lines appear. This is mainly linked to a loss of hyaluronic synthesis in the skin, and a dysfunctionality of skin barrier that causes rapid water evaporation through skin. Potential first age spots (hyper pigmentation spots) could also be detected.

The solution: use hydrating and moisturizing products every day. Protect your skin from UV and pollution – Choose make up with sun filters. Apply a purifying mask once a week. Use under eye products with active ingredients against puffiness and dark circles.

30-40: The accumulation of fine lines
After 30 years of sun exposure, skin shows visible accumulation of sun damages, particularly as the detoxification capabilities against free radicals decrease. Surface becomes uneven, age spots more present, all leading to a dull skin.
Additionally, collagen synthesis starts to slow down; almost 50% of elastin that was produced during childhood has been destroyed; and an accelerated degradation of hyaluronic acid is observed. This leads to a visible accumulation of fine lines and some few deep lines (crows feet, worry lines and line on each side of the mouth).
Skin becomes less supple, more rough, and global process of micro-inflammation start to take place in the skin.

The solution: start using anti-aging serum under a light day cream containing sun filters. Apply your night cream with a gentle face massage to reactivate the blood microcirculation in your skin, which will help restore skin’s radiance.

55+: time for hormonal changes
With the menopause, hormonal changes lead to unbalanced skin which loses its lipidic content leading to very dehydrated and dry skin.
The main components of the extracellular matrix (ECM): collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin are barely replaced. Very deep lines appear combined with a significant increase of skin roughness and a decrease of skin firmness and elasticity. This is the beginning of skin sagging.
With aging, skin cells have a very low level of energy, and they lose their capacity to defend against free radicals. An overall skin micro-inflammation is underway.

The solution: create your personal beauty protocol. In the morning, apply first an anti-aging serum targeting deep lines, removing dark spots and firming the skin. Use a deep nourishing and moisturizing day cream to recover the suppleness of your twenties. Choose mineral makeup, and use sprays to fix it all day long. Use lip primers to re-plump your lips, to have a longer lasting effect for your lipstick. In the evening, use a night repairing serum combined with a multitasking night cream to detoxify your skin and reactivate its biological pathways.