Flashtone Unispheres®: HD skin color correction

During In Cosmetics Asia in Bangkok, Induchem launches the Flashtone Unispheres®, a new generation of correcting beads…


Second innovation award for Brightenyl®

Induchem wins the Bronze Innovation Award for Brightenyl® at in-cosmetics Brazil 2015…


My Skin Rx – personalized cosmetics

You know what you need for your skin: be your own formulation designer thanks to induchem’s unique concept…


Exclusive metagenomic raffle

Win your own skin microbiome analysis during IFSCC 2015, 21-23 September in Zurich! And discover induchem’s three posters on stratum microbium™…

News Givaudan

Givaudan acquires Induchem

Swiss flavours and fragrances group Givaudan said it would buy Induchem Holding AG, in a move to strengthen its active cosmetic business…


1,2,3 Innovation Awards in a row!

Induchem wins the in-cosmetics’ 2015 best Ingredient Gold Award for Brightenyl®, the first skin tone regulator activated by the skin microbiote…


S3D® Quantum: the first Anti-Stress Serum?

S3D® Quantum is the first single-drop anti-stress serum with a combination of 3 unique actives: Rubixyl®, Inoveol® PHLO and Unimoist U-125 G…..


Flashwhite Unispheres®: instant whitening beads

Induchem revolutionizes the cosmetic industry with its « instant white filter »: a flash action to whiten and smooth skin imperfections in 5 sec…


Induchem’s research studies selected at IFSCC

Induchem announces that its research studies have been selected by the scientific committee of the 28th IFSCC congress. This worldwide cosmetic event…..


Beauty on the go – new concept box

Bring with you a whole range of new cosmetic functions, featuring induchem’s expertly crafted actives…..


News on Inoveol® EGCG and Redensyl®

Some interesting news about the regulatory status of two induchem’s molecules: Inoveol® EGCG and Redensyl® are now both China compliant and….


Induchem to open a new office in Asia this summer

Induchem announces the opening of a new office in Singapore where Mr Frederic Serres, induchem’s new sales representative, will manage this office by mid July…


Extra Small visual beads: Unispheres® XS

Being one of the world leader in visual spheres for cosmetics, induchem’s experts have perfected this technology, to offer a new extra small range: Unispheres® XS…


Redensyl® silver award at In Cosmetics 2014

Induchem wins the in-cosmetics 2014 best ingredient Silver Award for Redensyl®, the first cosmetic alternative to hair transplantation surgery…


S3D® Hair-cure: The first product using Redensyl®

Induchem will present a new showcase during In Cosmetics Hamburg: S3D® Hair-cure, a 360°C Anti-Aging Hair Serum, which is the very first product using the hair growth galvan…


Redensyl®: the hair growth galvanizer

Redensyl® is the newest breakthrough against hair loss and the best alternative to hair transplantation…


Biogomm’age™: High-tech exfoliation

Biogomm’age™ is the newest sustainable and eco-friendly solution for skin and scalp exfoliation based on 100% natural material…..


The first Chinese white CC Cream

Magic CC cream is a luxurious Swiss made color formula with skin benefits, which creates an innovative fusion between skincare and makeup products…


S3D® Source 4: the first active molecular mask

Induchem presents its fifth showcase, S3D® Source 4: a new type of molecular mask to resource skin in 15 minutes…


Neodermyl®: A 3rd award during in-cosmetics Asia

Induchem was awarded during the C&T R&D Award at in cosmetics Asia 2013 for Neodermyl®, the « needle- free » equivalent of injectable collagen and…


3 of our actives selected at In-cosmetics Asia

Induchem’s actives shortlisted in the 3 products trails Anti-Ageing, Anti-Acne and Skin-Whitening at in-cosmetics Asia 2013…


A second innovation award for Neodermyl®

Induchem was praised for the second time by the entire cosmetic industry for its new ingredient Neodermyl® during the SEPAWA congress last week in Germany…


Active Makeup – our new concept box

Active Makeup concept offers solutions to meet the growing trend of makeup with an activity. Four distinct approaches to highlight specific induchem actives…


M-Serum: Mine or my Man’s (secret weapon)?

« What if men’s skin care products were so luxurious that women be tempted to use their husbands’ products as their own? »…


Skin and Energy: from Medicine to Skincare

Induchem’s second scientific symposium took place on Monday, the 3rd of June in New York. Four conferences were given…


Induchem awarded at In-Cosmetics Paris

Induchem wins the In-Cosmetics’ 2013 Best Ingredient Gold Award for Neodermyl®, the « needle-free » equivalent of injectable collagen and elastin…


S3D® EE cream: Recharge your Youth!

Induchem will present its fourth showcase: S3D® EE Cream during in Cosmetics Paris. The very first Energy Enhancing Cream…


i3: a new interactive experience

Induchem launches i3, an iPad application that has been developed internally to fit with the needs of the technical sales…


S3D® Genlight: skin illuminating elixir

S3D® GENLIGHT is an elixir which restores the skin’s initial radiance and luminosity with new active molecules that act on more than 160 genes…


Unimer U-1946: the smart polymer for color cosmetic

Induchem launches a new polymer, Unimer U-1946 that has been developed specifically for color cosmetic products…


Unishapes: 3D visual effects in your formula

World leader in visual spheres for cosmetic products, discover our 3D shapes (stars, hearts and flowers) to create visual effects in your gels, and clear formula…


Surgery free: be ready to turn back time… at home!

A « cosmesthetics » line designed for induchem’s customers based on the latest esthetic trends on the market…


S3D® For Your Eyes Only: « one look is enough »

This concept product is a revolutionary serum with cutting edge formulation technology to help restructure eye contour area…


Rubixyl®: a new biomimetic peptide

Rubixyl® acts and maintains the “beauty receptors” to make it possible the mature skins to recover their initial youth…