Libragen is a French biotech company successfully involved in the cosmetic chemical sciences by carrying out research for the discovery and development of innovative and efficient active cosmetic ingredients (ACIs).

Thanks to a unique combination of four key areas of expertises that are biocatalysis, fermentation, glucosylation and phosphorylation, libragen is a specialist that has no equivalent in the domain.
One of the pillars of green chemistry, biocatalysis has numerous technical advantages over classical chemistry. Biocatalysis is also renowned for its safety.

Using only natural and unmodified extracts in safe aqueous conditions, libragen’s proprietary glucosylation and phosphorylation technologies enable the creation of valuable actives such as glucosylated polyphenols and phosphorylated saccharides with increased solubility in water and chemical stability.

Some of the advantages of glucosylation and phosphorylation of active substances are:

– Reversibility in situ enabling the release of the initial substance on the skin
– Unexpected new properties from these newly created glucosylated and phosphorylated compounds

Continuously implicated in various R&D programs, libragen aims to produce best-in-class ACIs, worldwide distributed by induchem Group.

Bat. Canal Biotech I
3 rue des satellites
F-31400 Toulouse
T +33 562 193 290
F +33 561 732 756

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