Induchem’s actives shortlisted in the 3 products trails Anti-Ageing, Anti-Acne and Skin-Whitening at in-cosmetics Asia

October 28th, 2013

30 of the industry’s most innovative active ingredients have been shortlisted for the in-cosmetics Asia products trails, giving visitors a glimpse of what cosmetic formulation may hold for the Asian markets. Brought to visitors by the technical experts at Personal Care Asia Magazine, SPC Asia, Cosmetics & Toiletries and Information & Inspiration, in-cosmetics Asia new trails have been designed to make customers’ visit more focused and productive for 3 skincare applications:

Created by Richard Scott, the Editor of Personal Care Magazine, the skin-whitening trail is designed to give a snapshot of the 10 top show ingredients that caught his eye.
Among the 10 best skin-whitening products, induchem’s Unilucent PA-13 has been selected. This ingredient is a two-in-one active, which blocks the global process of melanin synthesis, and stops the transfer of existing melanin from melanocytes to keratinocytes. This makes it much more efficient than other traditional lightening agents such as kojic acid.

Created by Emma Reinhold, Editor of SPC Magazine and Cosmetics Business, the anti-ageing trail is intended to give a view of the 10 top show ingredients that caught her eye.
Induchem’s Neodermyl® has been selected by Emma Reinhold. This ingredient is a ‘needle-free collagen and elastin filler’. It helps to reactivate both collagen and elastin synthesis in the skin by reenergizing senescent fibroblasts. Neodermyl® shows fast results, with visible improvement of skin texture and reduction of wrinkles’ depth in only two weeks.

Created by Katie Anderson, Associate Editor at Cosmetics & Toiletries Magazine, the anti-acne trail is designed to give a snapshot of the 10 top show ingredients that caught her eye.
In this highly competitive category, Induchem’s Unireduce R-35 has been selected among the best active ingredients. This bioactive complex fight oily skin in a new way, by using lipid precursors to rebalance lipid metabolism. Combining panthenyl triacetate and farnesyl acetate, the complex reduces sebum without causing irritation.

These 3 innovative ingredients will be presented on induchem Booth F30 during in-cosmetics Asia 2013.

For more information on Unilucent PA-13, Unireduce R-35 and Neodermyl®, contact us.