Induchem wins an Innovation Award at SEPAWA 2013 for Neodermyl®, the « needle-free » equivalent of injectable collagen and elastin.

October 17th, 2013

Induchem was praised for the second time by the entire cosmetic industry for its new ingredient Neodermyl® during the SEPAWA congress last week in Germany.

With over 1500 members, SEPAWA e.V. is the largest European professional association for the cosmetics, detergents/cleansers, and perfume industries. It sees itself as a communication platform for experts from the industry, universities and government agencies.

The decision on this award has been made by an independent and neutral jury of experts comprising of seven members of the scientific advisory board of SEPAWA.

The jury used detailed evaluation criteria to make their decision. The Jury Chairperson, Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Wittern, coordinated the following renowned jury members:

· Dr. Anneliese Wilsch-Irrgang
· Dr. Holger Bender
· Prof. Dr. Thomas Gassenmeier
· Dr. Thomas Herbrich
· Dr. Karlheinz Hill
· Dr. Wolfgang Krause

This prize honors the development of a novel active or functional ingredient that successfully demonstrates an improvement or an advantage over current approaches, a high level of innovation, a wide applicability, and a novel approach, compared to previous actives for skincare.

Neodermyl® is a pure source of bio-renewable energy that has been created through rational design by Libragen, Induchem’s advanced biotechnology R&D center on active ingredients. This molecule is the first one on the market to reactivate both collagen and elastin synthesis in the skin, and to re-energize senescent fibroblasts by supplying them with an activated source of cellular energy. This results in a fast and sustainable production of Collagen III, Collagen I, Tropoelastin and Elastin, which leads to visible improvement of skin texture and reduction of wrinkle depth in two weeks. In just 15 days Neodermyl® gives equivalent results as one injection of collagen by a plastic surgeon (-15% wrinkle depth reduction), while improving skin’s elasticity and firmness on a panel of volunteers aged 61 +/-7 years.

“This is the second international innovation award granted to induchem this year for our new ingredient Neodermyl®. This molecule is the first and only double collagen and elastin filler, with proven clinical results in 2 weeks. Since its launch last April, this breakthrough innovation has gained an unstoppable international success. It opens the door to a new generation of « needle-free » cosmetic products as substitutes to invasive esthetic medicine approaches such as injectable fillers. It’s a perfect counterpart to our previously launched « needle-free » hyaluronic filler, NovHyal® Biotech G » said Dr Fabrice Lefèvre, Scientific Marketing Manager, Induchem. « We are very honored that the cosmetic community has recognized once again our company’s innovation with this prestigious prize. The year 2013 thus far has been a very productive year and we look forward to the future”.

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