Active Makeup – the new concept box from induchem

September, 2013

Induchem launches its new concept box: « Active Makeup » at the Supplier’s day in Long Beach, California. Active Makeup concept offers solutions to meet the growing trend of makeup with an activity. Four distinct approaches for a universally compatible makeup for every skin color will be presented to highlight specific induchem actives:

> FIX & GO: a mist to set the makeup and provide an innovative action. The skin is hydrated, balanced and protected. Your makeup stays where you put it, even when you are on the go.

> DCC: a light fluid for instant and long-term correction of dark circles. The skin is hydrated, firmer, and protected. Dark circles? Never think about them again…

> MAGICC: a magical cream that releases pigments to unify the complexion, but not only that: the skin is also hydrated, refreshed, and protected. The multitasking activity of skincare now makes sense.

> E-LIPS: An active anti-aging treatment that acts as a primer, providing a greater adhesion for your lipstick: the lips are also plumped and protected. Take care of your lips, have a beautiful smile.

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