Beauty on the go – one more concept box by induchem

September, 2014

« Beauty on the go » is a complete line designed for induchem’s customers to answer the growing need of not only effective but also convenient and easy to use cosmetics products. Four products have been designed to bring innovation at every level: from the texture and application to the delivered efficacy.

> MIXOLOGIST: a shampoo to control the potential excess of sebum. But, that’s not all! At the same time it gently cleanses your face as well, so you clean and control both your hair and face before you go.

> COMB’ACTIVE: A gentle detangling mist to allow you to comb easily through your hair. But, not only that! Your hair density will increase and your hair will be protected against pollution for the rest of the day.

> STRONGER: An innovative fixing gel for your hair. But, wait, it is not that simple: it also integrates an active to redensify the hair, as well as color-releasing beads to cover grey hair.

> DERMALIGHT: A magical exfoliating radiance booster. This is
 the first leave-on exfoliating product you have ever seen. It activates the biomechanics that illuminate radiance in your skin.

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