Biogomm’age™: high tech exfoliation. The smart alternative to plastic beads!

March, 2014

Biogomm’age™ is the newest sustainable and eco-friendly solution for skin and scalp exfoliation. Based on 100% natural material, they can be loaded with active ingredients or pigments to enhance their biological and cosmetic properties.


It features the Safe-scrub™ technology for a safer and more efficient skin exfoliation. Biogomm’age™ acts as a «smart sensor»: if the pressure applied on the particles is too intense for the skin, they simply start dissolving while providing a gentle exfoliating function. You can now imagine leave-on exfoliating formula!

Biogomm’age™ shows the same efficacy than usual exfoliating particles (fruit kernel) but much more suited for sensitive and gentle skin.

Consumers love it! A blind study on a panel of 29 volunteers has shown that 79% of the testers preferred the formula containing Biogomm’age™ instead of usual exfoliating particles.

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