Flashtone Unispheres®: instant HD skin color correction

November, 2015

Instant skin color correction and skin tone optimization (including hiding pigmented spots, neutralizing redness and correcting sallow skin) is among the most demanded consumers’ request worldwide. Flashtone Unispheres® have been created to answer this market demand, and to enable a new level of formulation possibilities.

Flashtone Unispheres® are a new generation of high definition instant skin color correcting beads. Based on a unique encapsulation technology enabling up to 40% content of pigment, Flashtone Unispheres® are bright white beads containing skin color neutralizing pigments in their core. Upon application, the beads instantly release their pigments mix, creating a new experience and bringing an instant high definition skin tone correction.

Three Flashtone Unispheres® have been designed to address consumers’ major concerns:
– Green to reduce redness and pimples
– Purple to provide a healthy look and correct yellowish complexion
– Yellow/orange to give an instant vibrancy and fade dark circles

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