M-Serum: Mine or my Man’s (secret weapon)?

September, 2013

Induchem France presented a new concept product during the last Beyond Beauty Paris event in September.

Cosmetics for men is evolving rapidly in some areas of the world, such as Korea. However the daily care of male skin in European and North American countries is often limited to toiletries and shaving. Most men are using their wives’ skincare products and not products solely developed for male skin.
Induchem designed a new concept product based on the marketing idea: « What if men’s skin care products were so luxurious that women be tempted to use their husbands’ products as their own? »

M? For Masculanity, Magic, Miraculous, or just for Me. This serum has been designed with two objectives:

– Its highly moisturizing texture provides immediate comfort and creates a « second skin » on the faces of men (with Unitamuron H-22),

– Its actives meet the needs of the male skin. They help to strengthen the extracellular matrix by stimulating the synthesis of hyaluronic acid (NovHyal® Biotech G), collagen and elastin to plump and firm the face (M-Serum contains our 2013 Gold award winning ingredient: Neodermyl®). In parallel, the active ingredient Unisooth EG-28 is decreasing under-eyes puffiness and diminishes dark circles due to everyday stress.

Simply by applying two drops in the morning, the skin regains its firmness and youth. The initial tests in bathrooms revealed that 100% of women test and adopt this serum. But does this M-SERUM belongs to ??! To My Man or I?

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