Induchem was awarded during the C&T R&D Award at in cosmetics Asia 2013 for Neodermyl®, the « needle- free » equivalent of injectable collagen and elastin fillers

November 12th, 2013

Induchem’s latest active ingredient, Neodermyl®, has been recognized for the third time during in-cosmetics Asia 2013 show in Bangkok.

In-cosmetics Asia is the leading personal care ingredients show in Asia where global cosmetic ingredient suppliers exhibit their innovative products to cosmetic manufacturers from across Asia and the rest of the world. Combining an unrivalled educational program and excellent face-to-face networking opportunities, in-cosmetics Asia 2013 celebrated another first-class event, attracting 6,007 unique visitors from across Asia and beyond – a 16% increase compared to 2012 – making it a record-breaking show.

During this high-class event dedicated to the Asian market, Cosmetics & Toiletries announced finalists for the C&T R&D Award. After being honored during in cosmetics Paris with the Gold award as well as in SEPAWA tradeshow with an Innovation Award, Induchem received an award for Neodermyl® for the third time, selected by an esteemed jury as « finalist best new ingredient ».

The judging panel for the C&T R&D Award was made of experts of the Asian market, who selected the finalist ingredients from several suppliers:

       • Alice Han, Editor of Cosmowiki.com, China
       • Huiliang Li, Engineer, Technical Director, and Head of Herborist Traditional Chinese Medicines
       Research Center of Shanghai Jahwa United Co., Ltd.
       • Member of the standing committee of Shanghai Association of Traditional Chinese Medicines
       under Chinese Medical Association
       • Colin D’Silva, PhD, Associate Director of Communications for P&G
       • Ben Teoh, Industry Consultant
       • Prapaporn Boonme, PhD, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Faculty of Pharmaceutical
       Sciences, Prince of Songkla University, Songkhla, Thailand
       • Fujihiro Kanda, Senior Manager of the Technology Alliance Development Department at Shiseido
       • Miki Minamino, Executive Vice-President, BelleVienus Co., Ltd.

Neodermyl® is the first active ingredient on the market to reactivate both collagen and elastin synthesis in the skin, and to re-energize senescent fibroblasts by supplying them with an activated source of cellular energy. Synthetized by means of a patented green chemistry process, this active ingredient delivers equivalent results as one needle injection of collagen by a plastic surgeon (-15% wrinkles’ depth reduction) in just 15 days, while improving skin elasticity by a factor of 2 and skin firmness by a factor of 13 on a panel of volunteers aged 61 +/-7 years.

“This additional recognition of our innovation strategy by the cosmetic Press and Asian experts is a great honor for us. Our new ingredient Neodermyl® is becoming a reference on the market (it is even mentioned on Yahoo shopping for end consumers), and creates new opportunities of product launches for our customers. Combined with our « needle-free » hyaluronic acid, NovHyal® Biotech G, it enables creation of new concepts such as FF creams (Fast Filler creams) », said Dr. Fabrice Lefèvre, Sales and Scientific Marketing Manager, Induchem. « After the industry’s award in Paris and the experts’ award in Germany and the Press and latest Asian market recognition all bring Neodermyl® to a new pinnacle of popularity. We are very honored that the cosmetic community has recognized once again our company’s innovation with this prestigious prize.”

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