Rubixyl®: a new biomimetic peptide acting on delta-opioid receptors

April, 2012


A “big bang” in the skincare industry: the discovery of new skin receptors (the delta opioid receptors), which are necessary to maintain youth of the skin. Upon time, these receptors disappear from the skin, which leads to its ageing. Rubixyl® acts and maintains these “beauty receptors” to make it possible the mature skins to recover their initial youth. The clinical test in a double blind of Rubixyl® against placebo on a panel of women from 40 to 65 years with 50% the smokers, showed that as of 15 days, the skin appears younger, smoother and more hydrated, with a reduction visible of the deep wrinkles such as those of the crow’s feet.
Rubixyl® is patented product from induchem companies.

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