S3D® EE cream: Recharge your Youth!

March, 2013

Induchem will present its fourth showcase: S3D® EE Cream during in Cosmetics Paris. The very first Energy Enhancing Cream.

By studying anti-aging aging market, induchem’s marketing outlined that only a few anti-aging night creams claiming for collagen increase and energy were launched in the past five years (Source Montel 2013). However bringing a global answer to the energy crisis of the skin could be the ultimate solution for an incredible anti-aging efficacy, especially at night.

Following the trends of BB Creams, CC Creams and DD Creams that are the it-products, EE Cream came naturally as the most important concept. The notable difference compared to the other BB, CC and DD Creams comes from the fact that it does not induce a physical change (color caused by pigments) on skin, but it brings a biologically needed change.

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