S3D® Genlight: a showcase product at the crossroad between gemstones and genes

February 2013

More than 110,000 new lightening/brightening products have been launched over the last five years, of which 34,000 (30%) was in year 2012 (source Mintel). While Asia remains one of the leaders in this market, Europe is now No. 1 in the quantity of new launches. The typology of these products evolves to provide more functionality to consumers. Brightening products now include some protective sunscreens, and add anti-aging to their claims.

To answer these needs induchem has designed a new marketing concept : These active molecules (Uniprosyn PS-18, Unilucent PA-13, Unilucent HR-14 and Uvaxine®) erase brown spots (the ‘cutting step’), reactivate the radiance and firmness (the ‘polishing step’) and protect against UV (the ‘setting step’). This last step is done without sunscreen but with our anti-UV “vaccine like” molecule.

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