S3D® Hair-cure: The first product using Redensyl®

Mars, 2014

Induchem will present a new showcase during In Cosmetics Hamburg: S3D® Hair-cure, a 360° Anti-Aging Hair Serum, which is the very first product using the hair growth galvanizer: Redensyl®.

By studying the hair loss worldwide concern, induchem’s marketing found out that there have been 310,624 hair restoration procedures worldwide in 2012, generating $1.93 Billion. The explanation came from the outstanding numbers of hair loss sufferers: 40% of men by age 35 and 75% of women by age 60.

To avoid any invasive and expensive surgery, induchem has developed this brand new sprayable bi-phasic hair serum which is focusing on the four causes of hair aging. It will reactivate hair growth, redensify hair, regenerate scalp & normalize serum.

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