S3D® Source 4: the first active molecular mask

January, 2014

Induchem presents its fifth showcase, S3D® Source 4: a new type of molecular mask to resource skin in 15 minutes.

In our life, time is always missing. This is probably why the products claiming for « Time/Speed » represent a growing market all over the world: +738% between 2008 and 2012 (Source Mintel). Based on these numbers, induchem’s marketing outlined that only few masks combine the top claims moisturizing, brightening and anti-aging with the time/speed claims.

To answer this trend induchem has developed a new marketing showcase to rejuvenate your skin in 15 minutes. Based on induchem’s expertise in terms of active ingredients, this « flash mask » will help your skin to face the daily stress: skin irritation, dehydration and UV aggressions.

Did you know? Most cosmetic product use DNA protecting ingredients. Induchem offers the first PROTEOME protecting ingredient with Uniprotect PT-3. Learn more on this active.

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