Induchem wins the Bronze Innovation Award for Brightenyl® at in-cosmetics Brazil 2015

October 13th, 2015

Givaudan today announced that Induchem, the Active Cosmetic Ingredient business acquired end August, was awarded for the sixth time for its forward-thinking innovation and visionary science by the entire cosmetic industry during in-cosmetics Brazil in Sao Paulo last week.

The ITEHPEC INNOVATION AWARD was created to acknowledge the manufacturers of ingredients that have contributed to increasing the competitiveness of the Brazilian cosmetic toiletry and fragrance industry, by implementing innovative projects. This award is an initiative of the Institute of Technology and Studies for Cosmetics, Toiletries and Fragrances (ITEHPEC), which represents the innovation and technology arm of the Brazilian Association of the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Industry (ABIHPEC). ITEHPEC’s mission is to promote and encourage innovation in the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance (CT&F) Industry, in keeping with standards of excellence, for the ultimate goal of boosting the competitiveness and sustainable growth of companies.

Over 23 high end ingredients from global leading suppliers were selected as award finalists, and judged this year by a panel of experts.

The jury awarded the Bronze prize to Induchem’s Brightenyl® for its scientific innovation based on metagenomics studies of the human skin, the use of green chemistry for the manufacturing of the active molecule, as well as the clinical efficacy of this active, that offers outstanding skin benefits for consumers.

“It is a great honor to receive this award from cosmetic industry experts in Latin America”, said Fabrice Lefèvre, Global Scientific Marketing Manager at Induchem. “Brightenyl® follows the pharmaceutical-inspired innovation strategy that Induchem has set up since a few years. It does not only reward years of fundamental research and biological evaluations, it also combines a completely novel cornerstone for our industry (the functional discovery of the stratum microbium™) with a high safety profile, and fast visible results in terms of skin tone uniformity and luminosity, one of the biggest expectation from all consumers worldwide.”

“The cosmetic industry is moving fast, driven by end-consumers’ demands, who are looking for real benefits.” said Frédérique Lafosse, Head of Active Cosmetic Ingredients. “The recent acquisition of Induchem by Givaudan shows our will to constantly invest in innovation and science to bring active ingredients to our customers and subsequently help them develop their market share. Brightenyl® answers key cosmetic brands’ expectations: high efficiency, multi-functionality, cost savings and safety.”

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