Surgery free: be ready to turn back time… at home!

September 2012

A « cosmesthetics » line designed for induchem’s customers based on the latest esthetic trends on the market. This concept offers four products that meet the specific needs of each area of the body, with the aim of avoiding invasive and potentially dangerous surgery:

– MY SECRET LIFT a tightening and protective serum to erase wrinkles and prevent their appearance. The face looks younger, the pain of the scalpel is replaced by the freshness of the product.

– DR REVEAL a smoothing serum dedicated to the neck and cleavage with firming and protective actions, finally dare to wear elegant tops. The decolletage regains its radiance and firmness, without a painful and binding lifting.

– HANDSOME a cream to apply on hands, which eliminates the age- related spot, restructures and re-plump the skin. Hands don’t betray your age anymore, without lifting, laser abrasion and without scars.

– SCULPTYL a slimming cream to reshape and firm the thighs and buttocks. Regain the sensuality of your figure without having to endure the trauma of surgical lipoplasty.

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