The first Chinese white CC Cream with color correcting properties on skin

February, 2014

During PCHI China, Induchem will be exclusively launching the first white CC (Color correction) Cream with an amazingly transforming effect.

Answering the trends of BB & CC creams and the continuous needs of consumers to find multifunctional products, induchem has developed a multi-tasking CC cream with 5 actions:

– “Magic” white beads technology found in Unispheres® Bicolor release encapsulated pigments upon application, creating the perfect complexion. The color spreadability is accelerated by a high tech polymer (Unimer U-1946), which gives a long lasting effect.

– Anti-ozone technology in Unicontrozon C-49 helps the skin to be fully protected from harmful environmental pollutants.

– Advanced moisturizing technology from Unitamuron H-22, a vegetal polymer, which creates a “second hydrating skin” by firming, smoothing, and protecting against trans-epidermal water loss.

– Skin regeneration technology based on a phyto-complex from the “resurrection plant”, Unisurrection S-61 protects and rejuvenates the skin cells and mitochondria.

– Molecular sunscreen technology from Uniprotect PT-3 repairs UV damages while boosting skins own repair mechanisms and protecting its major proteins.

Magic CC cream is a luxurious Swiss made color formula with skin benefits, which creates an innovative fusion between skincare and makeup products.

All the ingredients used in the Magic CC cream are China compliant, see more on Youtube or Youku

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