Unimer U-1946: the smart polymer for color cosmetic

January 2013


What if you could rationalize your portfolio of raw materials cut down costs and have better products at the same time?

Induchem launches a new polymer, Unimer U-1946 that has been developed specifically for color cosmetic products. Unimer U-1946 is a multi-faceted film forming polymer composed of two ingredients, Octyldodecanol and VP/Hexadecene Copolymer. Its improved amphiphilic structure allows for a special organization of pigments as it comes in contact with water or oil. It helps to generate a long lasting effect, improves the wash-off resistance, volumizes eyelashes within minutes and enhances pigments spreading. It can be used in mascara, foundation, sunscreen, BB creams, lipstick, lipgloss,…

Unimer U-1946 has been clinically benchmarked against its direct competitor polymers and gives better results at lower concentration.

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