Active Makeup

An innovative universal Makeup line integrating induchem’s expertise in active ingredients.

This concept offers solutions to meet the growing trend of active makeup. Four distinct approaches for a universally compatible makeup for every skin color are presented:

FIX & GO: a mist to set the makeup and provide an innovative action. The skin is hydrated, balanced and protected. Your makeup becomes effective.

DCC: a light fluid for instant and long-term correction of dark circles. The skin is hydrated, firmer, protected. Dark circles? Never heard about it…

MAGICC: a magical cream that releases pigments to unify the complexion, but not only: the skin is hydrated, refreshed and protected. The multi-action care now makes sense.

E-LIPS: An active anti-aging treatment that allows a better grip of the lipstick: the lips are plumped and protected. Take care of your lips, have a beautiful smile.