Active makeup fixative

This fluid makeup fixative easily sprayes on your face and is absorbed quickly without leaving a trace. It finishes your makeup and brings a feeling of freshness and a light floral fragrance.

Protecting, Hydrating, Regulating.

– Defend the skin against external aggressions such as ozone with Unicontrozon C-49 (0.5%).

– Protect the skin against UV irradiations and damages induced thanks to Uvaxine® (0.4%).

– Hydrate the skin surface and deep down the skin: Unimoist U-125 NP (1%) is the NMF-like active, which provides continuous hydration to the skin thanks to its composition similar to the Natural Moisturizing Factor. Unitamuron H-22 (0.5%) hydrates the skin by forming a protective film at its surface.

– Regulate sebum and bring balance to the skin by using Unibiovit B-332 WSL (1%).

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