Magic CC Cream

This snow-white cream releases its beige color upon application when its magic transforming beads are released on the skin. Its light texture and enhanced pigment distribution provide a matt even radiant complexion.

Hydrating, Unifying, Regenerating, Protecting.

MagiCC contains a set of active ingredients:

> Regenerate and protect the skin cells thanks to Unisurrection S-61 (1%). The skin is more hydrated and wrinkles are reduced.

> Re-balance the skin and help boost cellular communication with the Rubixyl® peptide (1%). The skin looks younger and wrinkles are diminished.

> Protect the cells against the UV damages by reviving dysfunctional repair mechanisms of proteins using Unispheres WNRM-665VSBi (7%) bring the magical shade development of the formula. Beads are white on the outside while loaded with color pigments on the inside, producing the color corrective function of this formula. They are well distributed due to superior performance of Unimer U-1946 (1%).

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