Leave-on exfoliating radiance booster

A clear gel with blue and white exfoliating particles which do not need to be rinsed-off. It delivers a gentle exfoliation that respects the skin and works in synergy with a skin brightening active.

Exfoliating, Illuminating, Equalizing

The technology inside:

Unilucent HR-14(1%) increases skin radiance by reinforcing ECM components and protecting proteins against oxidation.

Rubixyl®(1%) is the beauty receptors equalizer. It clinically reduces wrinkles within 60 days.

Biogomm’age WD1 (1%) and Biogomm’age UE1 (1%) are the most incredible exfoliating particles, acting as a more effective targeted delivery system by gently scrubbing, as they simultaneously allow the powerful active ingredients contained in the beads to be more effectively massaged into the skin.

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