Oil control gel & shampoo

This new effective shampoo also provides a gentle cleansing for your face in order to be ready for the rest of the day. It reduces the excess of sebum on both face and scalp, to avoid greasy skin and hair.

Regulating sebum, Hydrating, Protecting.

Efficient at any level, it combines wonderful actions for your hair and skin thanks to:

Unitrienol T-272 WSL(2%): re-equalizes the sebum production to avoid excess or lack of sebum for hair and skin

Unimoist U-125 G(1%): hydrates the skin and scalp deep down with its composition close to the Natural Moisturizing Factor

Unitamuron H-22 (1%): forms a protective film at the skin’s surface, thus increasing skin’s hydration.

NEW VISUAL EFFECT: Extra small beads called Unispheres® XS (GE0M-575XS) are used at only 0.3%.

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