Restructure & Hydrate

A night regulating cream with a rich, soft and light texture specifically designed for oily skin. Its non-shiny and soft ‘mousse’ formula gives a light sensation while providing hydration deep down in the skin.

Moisturizing – Equalizing – Restructuring

Keep hydration and moisturize
– Maintain proper hydration by means of an active film with Unitamuron H-22 (2%)
– Actively moisturize to recover skin suppleness with a NMF like ingredient: Unimoist U-125 (1%),

Modulate skin reactivity with Unisooth PN-47 (0,5%)

Regulate and support skin repair
– Enhance skin repairing with Erasyal® (0,5%)
– Prevent bacterial growth and pursue the action of Unireduce R-35 with Zinc PCA (0,5%)

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