Dr Reveal

Neck and cleavage lifting alternative: Protect & Firm

A very soft textured, transparent and clear firming gel. This tensing gel leaves a soft skin feeling and a luxury touch with white colored spheres.

Protecting, Firming, Regenerating

Replump and hydrate skin
The latest generation of ‘needle-free’ hyaluronic acid (NovHyal® Biotech G at 0.4%) and its vegetal equivalent (Unitamuron H-22 at 2%) to firm and moisturize the skin of your neck

Protect and firm the skin
A protection of proteins against oxidation and a strong stimulation of collagen and elastin production improves skin radiance thanks to Unilucent HR-14 (2%)

Experience pearls on your neck
A luxury look with beautiful pearly beads: Unispheres NTL-3510C (0.8%)

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