S3D® Hair-cure

360° Anti-Aging Hair Serum

The very first product using the hair growth galvanizer: Redensyl®

Activate hair growth – Redensify – Regenerate – Normalize

The secret of the formula
S3D® Hair cure is a sprayable bi-phasic hair serum that is focusing on the four causes of hair aging thanks to a combination of 3 ground-breaking innovations:

   • ACTIVATING hair growth & REDENSIFYING hair: Redensyl® stimulates hair follicle stem cells to    give better results than a surgical procedure of hair transplant in 84 days.

   • REGENERATING: The scalp is protected and regenerated thanks to a vectorized panthenol,    D-PTA

   • NORMALIZING sebum: The scalp sebum is well balanced thanks to Unitrienol T-27 a unique    sebum equalizer

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