S3D® EE Cream

Energy Enhancing Cream

The very first concept product based on a new renewable energy source: Neodermyl®. S3D® EE Cream: a proactive youth recovery night cream.

Redensify – Regenerate – Revitalize – Rehydrate

The secret of the formula
S3D® EE Cream provides the right level of energy to bring major skin properties back to life during night:

   • REDENSIFY: Aged fibroblasts are able to again produce collagen and elastin by bringing them energy (Neodermyl®)

   • REGENERATE: Enzymes and mitochondria (our energy factories) are reactivated and protected (Unisurrection S-61)

   • REVITALIZE: Major metabolic pathways are reactivated (D-Panthenyl Triacetate)

   • REHYDRATE: Deep hydration and surface moisturization are improved (Unimoist U-125G & Safester A-75)

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