S3D® Genlight

A skin illuminating elixir

“The best innovations arise at the crossroads of different fields of expertise.”
S3D® Genlight combines the science of skin’s genes and the art of crafting gems.

Lighten/brighten – Restructure – Protect

The secret of formula
Acting on skin’s “illuminating” genes by following the 3 traditional steps of shaping gemstone:

   • CUTTING: Skin is prepared and “sculpted” by erasing age-spots and brightening its color (Unilucent PA-13)

   • POLISHING: Dermis genes are activated to restructure, reorganize and protect skin to enhance its final radiance (Unilucent HR-14 and Uniprosyn PS-18)

   • SETTING: Skin’s own defenses are switched on to favor its protection against UV aggression (Uvaxine®)

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